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Its been looooooooong but you can’t judge me since I don’t even understand how this even works anywayyyy where had I left it at.

Its like at 1am and am currently chewing gum thinking why are girls acting up this days.How has the issue of insecurities become so rampant I mean have you noticed that there isn’t anybody real out there right now?

This sounds weird considering am female😂 but oh well. As I was saying everybody is posting how it’s wrong to judge others by their looks and all am sure that you felt the pinch after it happened to you. If it never happened to you well we wouldn’t be here viewing your stories on depression and all.

All am saying is until it happens to you, you don’t care at all but when it does your out there trying to make others feel bad on how they handled you but sometimes you deserved it.

Shout out also to those who are low-key hurting I mean the whole world doesn’t need to know your depressed. Involving the whole world doesn’t solve your problems it just makes you predictable.

I guess that’s all I had. Cheers and be free to tell me what to talk about because I suck at this😒🚮

What do you start by writing when you have so much to say lols what do people write on blogs?Just thought I would try out because I heard its for deep people not that am one or sth

Anyways here is an introduction since I was taught when you start a composition you got to have an introduction,body and a conclusion lols had to bring up primary stuff

Hey, Am Ashley Nduta Ngigi currently minding my own business and hoping that everyone will mind theirs too(lols).I was born during the reign of milk packets(nyayoism).I am 17 and school at some awkward school not to be mentioned. I love all colours since I was too lazy to find a beautiful colour which would make me happy. Am tired of  typing and high key wish there was a voice note button. Anyway I don’t think much introduction is necessary since I socialize so much(blahblah).oh yes I have a big sister who likes blogging and I got inspired by her most probs.Am pretty jealous of her since she is so pretty and everything just goes like are you guys related like get a life pls😒

I am really lazy and I feel like I’ve just typed 4994548848815484 words so imma leave it at that but I have like juicy stuff coming up. Just to add don’t expect too much right? Am not cool and all am just a weird person who types what I feel

Okay, Bye💞